Investment Opportunity

Fund One: Boston Omaha
Build for Rent

Single-Family, Smart Home Rentals

Fund One Available Now

The Fund has the ability to convert to a REIT Structure focused on Build For Rent Communities

Partner alongside Boston Omaha Corporation through Boston Omaha Asset Management

First Developments Will Be Located In Nevada –
Las Vegas and Reno

Additional Locations Anticipated


Boston Omaha Asset Management, for the first time, is raising a private fund to invest alongside its parent company, Boston Omaha Corporation (NYSE:BOC).

Boston Omaha Build for Rent: Fund I is currently accepting commitments. BOC has committed to invest a minimum of 10% of the fund’s total capital in order to build a fully integrated, purpose-built, single-family rental business, focused on providing exceptional fiber-ready smart homes with industry-leading property management in attractive markets in the US.